Gratitude for Poems Newly Published

Poems of mine are appearing in a spring crop of publications. My thanks to the editors of Iron Horse Literary Review, who chose my poem “My God as the BBC Sherlock,” and especially to Managing Editor Jennessa Hester for making this fabulous video trailer for the poem! (If you’d like to support the journal, you can order an issue or subscribe here.)

And thanks to the editors of Cider Press Review for including my poem “Give Me a Story to Busy My Mind”, about the horse I grew up with, in Volume 24.6.

In addition, my gratitude to the editors of Pontoon, the online journal of Floating Bridge Press, where two chapbook manuscripts of mine reached the semifinalist and finalist rounds in last year’s competition, for featuring two poems from those manuscripts. “Landscape with Selfobjects” mythologizes you-know-who as Narcissus, and “On the Twelfth Day of My Faith Crisis” is a backwards Christmas carol about climate anxiety (and also a love poem).

And finally, a poem from my chapbook Impossible Lessons is reprinted in the anthology Between Paradise & Earth: Eve Poems, out this month from Orison Books, edited by Nomi Stone and Luke Hankins. I’m very grateful to them for including my work in this beautiful collection of contemplations and interventions by contemporary poets. You can support the press by ordering a copy here.

Later this year, I’m excited for issues of EcoTheo Review, Whale Road Review, and RHINO Poetry containing my poems.

2 comments on “Gratitude for Poems Newly Published

  1. mlingen says:

    Congratulations. Lovely writing.

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