Bloggety Hop Hop: “The Next Big Thing” for Writers Who Blog

My thanks to both Andrew McBride and Tsena Paulson for “tagging” me in a nifty writers’ game called Blog Hop, or, The Next Big Thing. How it works is that one blogger chooses three to five others to “tag”; these “taggees” then answer a series of interview questions, designed to highlight their “next big” writing projects, on their own blogs. Then, these writers each “tag” three to five more writers to answer these interview questions on their own blogs, and so on.

The “hop” part comes in as a result of all these writers linking to each other’s blogs. In this way, readers can click through as far as their curiosity carries them, exploring the blogs of as many writers as they wish. The connections work both up and down the chain of taggers and taggees. For instance, Tsena and Andrew “tagged” me in their blog posts last weekend; before that, they were both tagged by Stephanie Renée dos Santos, a Pacific Northwest writer of historical novels who now lives in Brazil. As a result of this chain of tags, I now know about Stephanie’s blog and writing projects, and she knows about mine. (Hi, Stephanie!) She and I both know, now, about the writers tagged by Andrew and Tsena, and all four of us know about the third writer tagged by Stephanie: Portland, Oregon-based Christian DeBenedetti, whose specialty is BEER.

And now you know about them, too!

I welcome my new readers who’ve ended up here as a result of Stephanie’s, Andrew’s, and Tsena’s Blog Hop posts. Thank you so much for reading!

On Monday, January 29, I’ll be posting my responses to the set of interview questions about The Next Big Thing(s) on my writing desk. At that time, I’ll also be naming and posting biographies of the writers I’ll be tagging to carry the Blog Hop forward!