Impossible Lessons

My chapbook, Impossible Lessons, was published by MoonPath Press in Kingston, Washington, 2013. The 36 poems in this collection express my pointed questions for The Deity, and I’m both inspired and puzzled by provisional answers. Borrowing images from my horse farm and hiking, philosophy and mythology, these poems engage “leaf and stem and longing,” explores “seasons of loss,” and trace the “long kindnesses” of family.

In Impossible Lessons Jennifer Bullis entwines a Stevens-like wit and attention to the music of words with a contemplative eye towards both nature and family. She makes the mythic and the domestic sing. Her language is both direct and incantatory circling through the great human paradox of our animal flesh and our spiritual ascensions. These poems give pleasure to the ear and to the heart as their kind and trustworthy voices present the natural world of the northwest, and the possibilities present to an intelligent, engaged mind moving through both “blossoms and smoke.” ~ Jeremy Voigt

Here’s how you can get your very own copy of  Impossible Lessons:

  • Village Books in Bellingham, WA has copies upstairs in the Poetry Section; look for the “Local Authors” display.
  • You can order from Village Books, and they’ll mail your copy to you (Media Mail) for 99 cents!
  • Or order through my publisher, MoonPath Press!

One comment on “Impossible Lessons

  1. […] Bullis is author of the poetry collection Impossible Lessons (MoonPath Press). Her manuscript “Wild-Caught Gods” was finalist for the Moon City Poetry […]

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