A Poetry Parade

This Sunday, August 11, I get to participate in a “Parade of Poets” reading at the Auburn Days Adventures in Literature event in Auburn, Washington. Several other MoonPath Press poets will read, including Laura LeHew (who’ll also lead a writing workshop Sunday morning), Marci Ameluxen, and Jill McCabe Johnson. Elizabeth Colen, Malorie Spreen, and Auburn Poet Laureate Dick Brugger will be reading as well, and it’s rumored that MoonPath poet Raúl Sánchez will participate in the Open Mic following the afternoon readings. In between will be a reading in memory of beloved Washington poet Jack McCarthy, who passed away earlier this year.

These festivities will take place at the Auburn Avenue Theater, 10 Auburn Avenue. (That would be, naturally, in Auburn, Washington.) And all of these poetry events–which include a book fair, book swap, and competitive Open Mic as well as the poetry workshop and readings–are free. If you can get to Auburn on Sunday, I would love to see you there!