A Poetry Reading–in Person! Thursday, 1/19/23

I get to do my first live poetry reading since the start of the pandemic! It’ll be with Dayna Patterson and Allie Spikes, members of Madrona Writers (one of my workshop groups), at SoulFood Poetry Night in Redmond, WA, 6:00 p.m.

SoulFood Poetry Night, hosted by Michael Dylan Welch, is a long-running reading series attracting a warm, engaged community of poets and poetry lovers. I’ve had the pleasure of reading there twice in the past, and am looking forward to doing so again with my groupmates on January 19th!

6 comments on “A Poetry Reading–in Person! Thursday, 1/19/23

  1. Enjoy, Jennifer! What an inspiring way to begin a new year.

  2. Coldslaws says:


    I am so excited to hear about your upcoming poetry reading. I am unable to attend, however, I will be rooting for you all to have a great reading. Good on you to get out there and share your words! creatives will help folks break out of the mundane last two years.

    -Shannon Laws ________________________________

  3. Poetarc says:

    Wonderful! Congratulations.

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