Gratitude for Poetry Publications in 2022

This year has brought good news for my poems published in journals. I’m gathering them here to share with you and express my thanks!

The beautifully curated River Heron Review published my poem “After Rain, My Husband and I Hike the Tree Farm Slope.”

Watershed Review, out of Cal State Chico, published my prose poem “Look to the Sky and Shake Your Head.”

Pacifica Review, from right here in Washington State, published “Landscape with User Instructions.” (Check out the stunning cover photo on the journal’s home page.)

The Pennsylvania journal Lake Effect published “Self-Portrait of Lilith, to Eve” in their Spring issue.

And Braided Way nominated my poem “Placebo Effect” for a Best of the Net award!

I’m grateful to the editors & staff of all these journals for including my work and curating such lovely issues. And I have to say: it’s still a marvel to me to find my poems surrounded by the work of writers I’ve admired for many years–a wonder to see my words placed in conversation with theirs.

In 2023, I look forward to new print issues of RHINO Poetry and Iron Horse Literary Review that will contain my poems. I’m also excited for the April release of the anthology Between Paradise and Earth: Eve Poems from Orison Books, which includes a poem from Impossible Lessons. The anthology is open for pre-orders if you’d like to reserve a copy and help out the press!

2 comments on “Gratitude for Poetry Publications in 2022

  1. A good year for you on the poetry front. Congrats! And happy holidays. 🌲🎁🌲

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