SpeakEasy 22 on October 20!

Bellingham & Whatcom County, please join us at Mt. Baker Theater’s Encore Room for SpeakEasy 22, “Animal Beast Creature”: SpeakEasy22
Many thanks to SpeakEasy curators J.I. Kleinberg and Luther Allen for inviting me to participate!

2 comments on “SpeakEasy 22 on October 20!

  1. I see you haven’t been active on the blog lately, but I am taking a social media break, so I’ll just drop you a note here. I just saw your piece, “Landscape with Mud and Prints” in the Cider Press Review! Delightful, because I was just getting ready to submit some work there. Congratulations. I love the poem, by the way.

    • David, my belated thanks for your kind words! I am being SO unreliable online lately. I need to resuscitate this blog, for certain. And despite my lack of interaction, I’m delighted to see your posts. It’s great to see you thriving poetically–hope that’s true in every other aspect of your life as well!

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