Recent Publications

I’m dimly rousing myself after the election to express my gratitude that three poems of mine have been published this fall. My thanks to Christopher Nelson, editor of Green Linden Press, for today’s launch of Issue 2 of Green Linden, which until last spring specialized in poetry reviews and interviews, and is now a full-service poetry biannual. The inclusion of my poem among those by several of my poetry idols gives me a much-appreciated jolt of joy.

And my belated thanks are due to editors Jennifer Givhan and Molly Sutton Kiefer of Tinderbox Poetry Journal, who selected my prose poem “Amanda Bubble Composes a Fifty-Word, Third-Person Contributor Bio for an Anthology on the Theme of Vulnerability” to include in Issue 3.5. And to Caron Andregg and Ruth Foley, editors of Cider Press Review, for including my poem “I Anticipate a Metamorphosis” in Issue 18-4.

I’m grateful for the work and support of all these editors and for the vibrant, lovely journals they produce. Each issue creates a community with the writers and readers–including, I hope, you!–who join in. That community, and the writing itself, are solace and motivation.

10 comments on “Recent Publications

  1. Carey Taylor says:

    Jennifer, congrats and your poems are beautiful. The line “She is the fragility of the shell around the embryo of the eaglet, dreading the tiny beak and its pip, pip, pip” was especially breathtaking…

  2. I especially enjoyed your reading of the “spider” poem. I was already afraid of spiders, but given we could be swallowed by a black hole . . .

  3. Thank you, Sue! For sure, I had to force myself to look closely at those spiders. I had no idea what was coming next!

  4. Always wonderful to hear how and what you are doing, dear!

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