Readings During National Poetry Month

I’ve been invited to participate in three different poetry events in April, all within the span of 12 days! I’m very excited to get to share poems from Impossible Lessons, as well as some new material, at the following readings:

Saturday, April 5, 7:00 p.m. at Village Books in Bellingham. This will be the Bellingham launch of Anacortes poet Heather Curtis’s first collection of poems, Upon Waking. To join Heather in celebrating her book during National Poetry Month, Village Books has invited Shannon Laws, author of the poetry collection Madrona Grove, and me to read with her.

Monday, April 7, 6:45 p.m. at Seattle Public Library, Fremont Branch. Sylvia Byrne Pollack, Michael Schmeltzer, and I will participate in this reading organized by Floating Bridge Press.

Thursday, April 17, 7:00 p.m. at Cafe Zippy in Everett. I’ll be the featured reader at Everett Poetry Nite, which includes music and open mic.

More details to follow!


14 comments on “Readings During National Poetry Month

  1. takatobimasu says:

    Jennifer, that is FANTASTIC! Congratulations on becoming a Regional Voice — soooo cool, and SOOO appropriate!

  2. I love April! it was my favorite time to work in a bookstore. Congrats on getting your work out there for others to appreciate—and buy! 😀

    • Thank you, Jilanne! Which bookstore did you work at? That does sound like a wonderful place to work, especially in April…

      • I worked at A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books in San Francisco while getting my MFA. Since that time, the bookstore owner sold out to Books, Inc. and opened a smaller bookshop called Bookshop Westportal, also in San Fran. And yes, it was a great job. And as a buyer for several sections, I got to learn a bit about the book industry from the publishing and retail perspective. It was also fun connecting people with books I thought they might enjoy.

      • That sounds wonderful. And what an interesting perspective to gain as you worked on your MFA…

  3. Wonderful, congratulations!

  4. Knock ’em dead, Jennifer! Or break a leg (preferably not one of yours), or whatever it is one is supposed to say to a poet in these circumstances. Happy to hear this. 🙂

  5. Thank you, David! I have a poet friend here in Bellingham who says, “Break a lip!” That doesn’t make much more sense than “break a leg,” but I kind of like it. : -)

  6. susanissima says:

    You’re hoppin’!

  7. awritersalchemy says:

    I am OFF crutches as of the 16th (I hope) so I will put the 17th on the calendar. I love Cafe Zippy!

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