Poetry on the Radio

Poetic Moments at KMRE 102.3 Bellingham

Poetic Moments at KMRE 102.3 Bellingham

Bellingham, WA poet Shannon Laws, under her radio name Boosie Vox, has added a new feature titled “Poetic Moments” to her radio show on the local KMRE station. In between “Golden Age of Radio” music segments, audio recordings of local poets reading their work are randomly aired. Shannon devoted countless hours during November and December recording Bellingham-area poets. Shannon produced the recordings and prepared them for broadcast. All of them are assembled here on Boosie Vox’s Sound Cloud; please have fun browsing this large and wonderful sample of poetry audio by many poets dear and near to me!

I’m honored that Shannon recorded four of my poems from Impossible Lessons. Here’s “Strange Bird,” which originally appeared in Cascadia Review. For some reason, I can’t embed the audio in this post, so please click on the fifth recording down to listen!


What bird are you? Hawk-shaped, gray,
tail striped and neck ringed in white,
you hover and swoop, low, a few feet above
the hay stubble, spying for mice.

Once, you dart down,
scramble in the grass, lost to my view
as you sate your raptor’s appetite on some
ground-bound creature.

But if hunting’s your purpose, why
do you round me in your orbits,
line me in your sights, between flights
to the field’s far corners? What am I to you?

I wonder further, amble the field—
then you return again, hover,
and drop this poem
into my mouth.

13 comments on “Poetry on the Radio

  1. My thanks to you, Shannon, for including me in your wonderful project!

  2. This is a great venue. Lovely poem.

  3. Laurel Leigh says:

    What an awesome collaboration. Nice going!

  4. I second Laurel’s comment! Love the mix of tunes and poems. And I love your poem, too. The image of a bird feeding a human–dropping a poem into your mouth–is inspired. Thanks!

  5. Wonderful stuff! I’ve been meaning to get back and listen. Finally did tonight. You KNOW I’m gonna love a hawk poem by Jennifer Bullis. Absolutely.

    Hey, on a technical note, if you want to embed it’s only an extra click. For some reason WordPress doesn’t like SoundCloud’s normal embed code, but SoundCloud helps out to fix that. When you click on share, and then on “embed,” you have to click again below where it says “More options.” Of the two that show up on the lower right, the bottom one says “WordPress code.” Just highlight and copy the code in that box. Then you don’t even need to use the html editor on WordPress, just past it right into the visual editor and you are all set.

    It sounds more complicated than it really is, so just play with it a bit and you’ll be surprised. 🙂 It’s a wonderful feature for embedding recordings without paying the extra bucks for a WP upgrade.

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