Yoga and Writing in Fairhaven with Stephanie Renée Dos Santos

Stephanie Renée Dos Santos, a historical novelist formerly of Washington State and currently of Brazil, will be back in Bellingham to offer her Writing and Yoga Workshops next month. I’m helping her spread the word to writers in the area. Here are the particulars:

Saturday and Sunday, July 13 & 14
Fairhaven Park
Bellingham, Washington

Incorporating yoga for writers, guided meditation, writing exercises, and group writing exchanges, these workshops sound like a wonderful way to infuse our writing practices with health and inspiration!

Also, I encourage you to check out this fascinating preview of Stephanie’s forthcoming historical novel, Cut from the Earth Enjoy!

2 comments on “Yoga and Writing in Fairhaven with Stephanie Renée Dos Santos

  1. awritersalchemy says:

    Jennifer — I LOVE your book! I think we should figure out a way to do a reading together. It was great to re-encounter “Lesson Horse,” a poem I loved in A CADENCE OF HOOVES.

  2. Thank you so, so much, Bethany! I would be THRILLED to do a reading with you. Let’s email and figure out how to make it happen!

    Thanks for remembering “Lesson Horse”! That one was in Pontoon/Floating Bridge Review. (I wish I’d known back then about the Cadence of Hooves anthology!)

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