News About My Poetry Chapbook

I’ve been trying to be patient, but I just can’t keep this to myself anymore. My chapbook of poems, Impossible Lessons, is at the printer, and I’ll receive copies of it in just a couple of weeks! When it arrives, I’ll post a photo of the cover, which turned out beautifully.

If you’ll happen to be in the Northwest corner of the Lower 48 on July 10 at 7:00 p.m., please plan to come to my launch reading at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington.

I’ll be making a bigger deal out of this as that date draws nearer, but I just had to tell you!

18 comments on “News About My Poetry Chapbook

  1. takatobimasu says:

    Go Jennifer — That is SO cool!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the actual printed book (as I bet you are, bounce bounce )

    Lee Seaman

    • You are so sweet, Lee. There’ll be a copy with your name on it! I appreciate all the wonderful encouragement you and John have given me about my writing over the years. XO!

  2. taidgh says:

    That’s great news! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to your launch as I’ll be busy and I live in Ireland. But at least I can get your chapbook when it comes out. Have a great day!

  3. That’s wonderful, Jennifer!


    Cheers, Andy

  4. (Hooray (!)–:-))

    Sent from Windows Mail

  5. wish i could… a jet setter in spirit only 🙂

    • One thing I love about blogging is being in touch with people across the globe. It’s wonderful to keep up with your work from afar, and I’m so grateful to you for reading mine!

  6. AND how gosh darn EXCITING! congrats! one day I will have a chapbook too 🙂

  7. Vince Gotera says:

    Jennifer! Congrats … wish I could be there. Hey, also, I wanted to apologize for not replying to your generous comments on my blog during April. Really appreciated it. Take care and congrats again!

    • Thank you, Vince! I greatly admire your productivity in April; I struggled to keep up this time around. You did some great brainstorming with numbers and made terrific use of the prompts! I wish you an excellent, creative rest of the year.

  8. Laurel Leigh says:

    Congratulations! I really like the title.

  9. I have to say it again: Impossible Lessons is my favorite title of anything ever. Congratulations you creative queen you.

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