I Feel Like the Luckiest Poet on the Planet

You guys! Amazing presents are falling out of the sky and bonking me on the head! Here are three of them:

1) Remember when I mentioned that MoonPath Press had accepted my chapbook manuscript to publish this spring? Well, it’s almost time. Editor and publisher Lana Hechtman Ayers, who is magic, tells me that by early next month, the chapbook, titled Impossible Lessons, will be ready. I’m going over the final proofs this week, and soon I hope to have the cover image to show you.

2) Four of my poems from that chapbook are being published this week by the online journal Cascadia Review, one each day, today through Thursday.  My thanks to Dana Guthrie Martin, editor, and Joannie Stangeland, poetry editor, for selecting my work and curating it so beautifully.

3) Last year, the monthly online journal Conversations Across Borders published two of my poems (here and here). In a couple of weeks I get to be part of a reading of Bellingham CAB authors, including Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor and Paul Piper. It’ll be Saturday, April 27,  4:00 p.m., at Village Books in Fairhaven. Part of CAB‘s mission is to support educational and writing-related charities worldwide; currently, the editors are donating CAB proceeds to Cura Secondary School, which provides education to children orphaned by AIDS in Cura, Kenya. You can help support CAB and its work by subscribing or by purchasing selected pieces individually.

Further details, and poems, to follow.


14 comments on “I Feel Like the Luckiest Poet on the Planet

  1. takatobimasu says:

    WOW!! That’s WONDERFUL, Jennifer! (And you are awesome.) 😀 😀 😀 Lee

  2. Wow! Congtat’s. We can’t wait to buy a copy of your chapbook.j & s Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 21:13:17 +0000 To: jeffreyklausman@msn.com

  3. Jennifer, wonderful news!


    Sincerely, Andy

  4. Congratulations on this recent spate of fantastic news! Much deserved, all of it.

  5. All wonderful news, Jenifer! Congratulations.

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