Remember when I promised “Further bulletins as events warrant”?

You probably don’t remember, since it’s been so long since I wrote that. Well, anyway, an event is occurring that warrants a further bulletin. I’ve had a chapbook manuscript accepted for publication!

When I was at the Skagit River Poetry Festival in May, poet Lana Hechtman Ayers–who is also Editor and Publisher of Concrete Wolf Poetry Chapbook Series, World Enough Writers, and MoonPath Press–asked me to send her my book manuscript. I did, and she hand picked and artfully arranged 27 of my poems into a 29-page chapbook. Its title will be Impossible Lessons, and she plans to release it via MoonPath Press in Spring 2013.

I’m overflowing with gratitude to Lana Hechtman Ayers for choosing my work to publish and for sequencing the poems into an arrangement I’d never have been able to come up with on my own.

Also, I am pretty much beside myself with joy.

I’ll keep updating as I work on more of the details. Cheers!

29 comments on “Remember when I promised “Further bulletins as events warrant”?

  1. Jennifer! This is *wonderful* news–I am so happy for you!


    Sincerely, and with warm regards, Andy

  2. Yaayyy!

    I re-posted on Facebook, too.

    Oh, jeez–your father. Is that OK?

    Congratulations Jennifer!

    Blessings, Andy


  3. takatobimasu says:

    Jennifer, that’s WONDERFUL! I’m thinking serious Signing Party 🙂

  4. tsena says:

    Grinning for you! Woohoo and all those kinds of noises…!

  5. jik says:

    So long overdue, so long anticipated!

  6. Carey Taylor says:

    How exciting. I can’t wait to read your poems. You must be “over the moon”!

  7. this is one achievement Jennifer! congratulations!

  8. David Eric Cummins says:


  9. Congratulations and much success.

  10. AMAZING! how did you do it? please tell me your secrets x

  11. sonofwalt says:

    Oh, Jennifer, I’m so thrilled for you! It couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving poet. 🙂 I rejoice with you!

  12. Wonderful! Amazing title. xoxo

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