NaPoWriMo, Day 14 (Day 21 for Everybody Else)

Today’s poem is for Australian artist Arna Baartz. Her blog is Silverpoetry, and while I was visiting, I got curious about her gorgeous artwork there. So I clicked over to her art website, which features her colorful and complex paintings. Please do visit Arna Baartz; she’ll even give you a cupcake!

Arna told me in a comment that one of her paintings was part of a series about the question, “What would fall out, if the heart were a pocket and we were each turned upside down?” Reader, this got me thinking:


Turn the pocket of my heart upside down,
and out will trot the buckskin horse
who raised me to middle age
before going the way of all grandfathers

Turn the pocket of my heart inside out,
and watch the tumble of my tabbies and torties
and my gone firstborn, an Abby

Upend my heart and pour out the woman
who hid away so many parts of herself
for safekeeping, she forgets where they are
except when her grandbaby trips over them

The feather-shaped leaves and all their siblings
The trails I’ve hiked, and those I haven’t
Dried ink and some still wet

The Voice who once told me to be his child
and then went mostly silent

Dump out my heart and meet the kind-souled stranger
I’ve been married to for twenty-one years
who tells me I say the strangest things

The miniature of him, who agrees
but also suspects this is all quite normal

18 comments on “NaPoWriMo, Day 14 (Day 21 for Everybody Else)

  1. sonofwalt says:

    You had me at the title, but I loved it through to the last line, especially the last stanaza. 🙂 Nicely done.

  2. I am so touched as to be sort of blossoming and weeping on the inside.
    Your poem is beautiful, there is a sweet aching there.
    It makes me want to write a poem about what might fall out of my heart too….
    thankyou and so much love to you

  3. […] must say thank you  to the wonderful Jennifer Bullis for her inspiring tribute, created in response to a series of art work I did in which I posed the […]

  4. Great from start to finish, and then that last stanza takes it in a surprising new direction. I like it.

  5. Jennifer, marvelous and poignant poem in response to a marvelous prompt. Thank you for this, so honest and true. Blessings, Andy

  6. tsena says:

    i love this piece!

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