NaPoWriMo, Day 15 or So: A Little Poem Inspired by the Word “Sonnet”

UPDATED:  Now with fewer typos!

Hello! Before we get to my poem for today, I want to tell you about another netizen-poet I’ve met while participating in NaPoWriMo.  He’s DadPoet, and his project for this month is not to write and post his own poems, but to record videos of his marvelous readings of others’ poems, both classic and contemporary. So far, some of my favorites are his readings of William Stafford’s “When I Met My Muse,” Billy Collins’s “Picnic, Lightning,” and Kenneth Koch’s “You Were Wearing.” His introductions, comments, and backdrops are by turns goofy and enlightening. Do click over to DadPoet’s blog and enjoy.

And now, to atone for the smart-assery of my Jesus poem from yesterday, here’s a little something quiet and meditative:


As dusk dims, dew
starts to pearl
on the grass.

L. brushes her brown hair
back from her shoulder and turns
a page in the book
she is reading to us.

The child sets down
his sticker book to listen
and peels small remnants of stickers
from his fingertips.

M. sips a calm tea.

Out the window, clouds
lap a slow tongue at Jupiter
and miss.

No music, a little music–
perhaps a few notes,
lucid and serene.

7 comments on “NaPoWriMo, Day 15 or So: A Little Poem Inspired by the Word “Sonnet”

  1. sonofwalt says:

    Your poem is lovely, and can be best described by its last few lines, “a little music… Lucid and serene.” And for the record, I flat out loved yesterday’s Jesus poem, for reasons not unlike today’s… Well, and other reasons too.

    And thank you so very much for the kind honor of plugging my blog and my project. I have been recording poems randomly, my own and others’ for a couple of years, but this geared up daily reading is both a workout and a pleasure, a challenge and a rewarding experience. I am learning a lot.

    Glad I met you in the process! Thanks for your poems and your encouragement.

    • Thank you sincerely, David, and you’re ever so welcome. It’s a joy to spread the love around. And I’m glad to hear about what you’re gaining from your project. I’m excited to see what you’ve got in store for the second half of the month!

      • sonofwalt says:

        I have only loose ideas, nothing pinned down. I have a handful of poets in mind yet, and the rest will come as the inspirations (or deadlines) hit me. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    lap a slow tongue at Jupiter
    and miss.

    That’s great

  3. jik says:

    Caught in a swirl of poetry monthings, I fail to remark on your stunning words, your hair pony, your consistent, insistent, pure Jenniferism. Thank you.

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