Well, Bless Your Buttons!

I am thrilled and amazed by the response of readers to my posts on this new blog. Thank you for all your Subscriptions and Likes! Fellow and sister bloggers, please tell me:  does the happy rush ever diminish, of being notified by WordPress that your posts are being read, and liked, and subscribed to? And more basically, is it weird to be so sublimely tickled by this feedback?

Perhaps all those rejection slips have gotten to me in ways I didn’t recognize (on average, I get just two poem acceptances per year from lit mags), but I cannot express how superbly gratifying it is to know that something I write is actually being read by other human beings.  Marvelous.

Henceforth I will be addressing you not as the hypothetical Reader, but as actual–plural–Readers.  Dear Readers.

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